Southern Ocean Subsea are the Australian distributors for the revolutionary Waterlinked Underwater GPS.

Up until now subsea acoustic positioning systems were beyond the budget of all but the military or very well financed professional organisations. The Waterlinked Underwater GPS has ‘leveled the playing field’ and brought an affordable and extremely adaptable system onto the world market.

waterlinked developers kit

Waterlinked GPS Developers Kit

The Waterlinked is tried and tested, and easily incorporated into a wide range of existing ROVs. The system integrates particularly well into the Blue Robotics BlueROV2, allowing a BlueROV2 operator to not only track the position of their vehicle in real time, marking waypoints for positions of interest during a dive, but to fully utilise the mission planning capabilities of the Qgroundcontrol software to plan and execute detailed surveys. The Waterlinked GPS turns a BlueROV2 into a tethered AUV. You can designate specific waypoints for the vehicle to head to during the dive, or plan a detailed survey grid track to follow at your designated depths.

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