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World-Class ROVs and Innovative Repair Systems

Introducing Our Premier Product

ROV Net Repair
System – A World First

Unveil the game-changer in aquaculture operations.

Our revolutionary ROV Net Repair System eliminates the need for net removal and divers, conducting seamless in-situ repairs, enhancing operational efficiency, safety, and contributing to environmental sustainability.

Key Features:

Tailored Aquaculture Solutions

Crafted for Industry Excellence

Discover solutions meticulously tailored for enhancing the operational efficiency of modern aquaculture operations. Our technology is not just an addition; it’s an integration into your mission for sustainable and advanced aquaculture operations.


Ensuring Your Success

At SOSUB, we don’t just provide products; we ensure your seamless integration and operation. Experience unmatched on-site or remote training and support, ensuring your team’s competence and confidence in utilizing our cutting-edge technology.

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Additional Offerings

Beyond the ROV Net Repair System

Discover SOSUB’s array of subsea technology solutions, each crafted with precision, reliability, and the hallmark of innovation.


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